On August 29th, Capistrano Ford participated in a very important fundraiser to help our local Marines that are deployed in Afghanistan, in harm's way, and protecting our country. They are constantly in need of supplies, and the family's left behind need our help and support. 

"Operator Challenge"

What is the Operator Challenge?

The term "Operator" is one of the most coveted titles in the American Armed Services today, and is given only to the most experienced and battle tested of our forces, such as the Navy SEALS, Army DELTA and RANGERS and MARSOC and RECON Marines. And when you are an operator, you expect one thing - the unexpected.

An Operator needs to be able to use any tool at hand to finish his mission, and therefore trains to use multiple weapons to make sure that he can get the job done.

With this in mind, on Friday, August 28th, from 5-10PM, SCMCSG and Socks for Heroes, in partnership with Field Tech Tactical and Training in Stanton presents "The Operator Challenge."  The Operator Challenge is a 5 Person Squad Relay with each individual shooting 5 different firearms in a timed event. The combined score of the team is then totaled and used to determine which squad will move towards the finals.  The top eight squads will compete at the end of the event for the title of "Top Operator."

The Capo Ford Team named the "Capo Sharp shooters" went up against 40+ teams, including some of the best weapons specialist around, even a team of Navy Seals! The Capo Ford team consisted of Rich Rader, Collin Moore, Leonard Rios, Leonard Rios Jr and Lee Williamson. In our first round we managed to score a respectable 540, not bad for shooting five unfamiliar weapons. The second round we improved to a 577 which took us to the top of the civilian teams, doubling the score of many. By the end of the night, the Military team the "Jokers" scored an unbelievable score of 840 for the win, which included 10 dead centered bull's-eyes!

It was a great night, the event raised a lot of money, and it was an honor for Tuttle-Click to support such a great fundraiser to help our Men and Women fighting overseas.

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