Do you have big summer plans around the San Juan Capistrano area? Here at Tuttle Click's Capistrano Ford we recommend bringing your vehicle in for a service appointment before you hit the road for a fun-filled summer.

Servicing your vehicle before any season is a smart idea as it prevents any car trouble on a memorable outing and also lets our technicians discover any small issues before they grow into larger and more costly problems. The summer season is especially tough on our vehicles with its high temperatures and humid air. Because we tend to travel more in the summer, letting our technicians change your oil, rotate your tires or install new tires, check your A/C system, replenish your coolant and align your front end will benefit you.

Our technicians are experts in their field and will work harder than any other service center to provide your vehicle with the care and attention it needs to run in prime condition. We want to ensure that you drive confidently and safely all summer long with a vehicle that's been properly tended to and maintained. No one wants to wind up on the side of the road with an overheating car on a hot summer day, or worse.

If you know your vehicle is due for a service appointment or you plan to be on the road often this summer, scheduling a service appointment with us is a wise choice. You can easily schedule a summer service appointment for your car via our website, by calling us at (888) 449-0743 or by stopping into our dealership in person and speaking with a team member. We're looking forward to prepping your vehicle for a memorable and exciting summer ahead.

Categories: Parts, Service
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